SharePoint access permission Management Tool    Site Permission Designer for SharePoint Online

Site Permission Designer for SharePoint Online

Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions

– System Requirements –

Q: Could you tell me about system requirements?
A: It is as follows
    – Office 365 SharePoint Online (SharePoint 2013)
    Web browser
    – Microsoft Internet Explorer 10-11
    – Microsoft Edge
    – Google Chrome
    – Mozilla Firefox
    The others
    – To connect to Microsoft Azure

Q: Do I need Office 365?
A: Yes, you need.
    This application will be used only in Enterprise (E1 or later).
    (As of Jan/2016)

Q: Can I use this application without administrator permissions?
A: Yes, you can.
    However, account permissions for sign-in doesn’t matter, this service works in full control permission for SharePoint.

– Installation –

Q: Could you tell me how to install instruction?
A: After the contract, please install an installation module to deliver from us in SharePoint.

    Check the manual for more details.
      »Manual Page

Q: Where can I get the Site Permission Designer from?
A: After the contract, we deliver installation module for you.

– System Environment –

Q: Could you explain about Site Permission Designer?
A: Site Permission Designer is application that you can manage SharePoint access rights easily.
    – Add and remove Permission level
    – Set to access permission
    – Set to People and Groups
    – Output of access permission list

    Check the explanation page of the function for more details.
      »Function Page

Q: Does it support Share Point for on-premises version?
A: Only SharePoint of Office 365 edition is available now.

Q: Can I add new group and new user, and delete the group and user by the application?
A: No, you cannot.
    Operation is only for an existing group and user.

    We plan correspondence by future version up about SharePoint group.
    We plan to another service about security group and user management.
    (As of Jan/2016)

Q: Can I set access permission of One Drive for Business?
A: It is not available.

Q: Is it supported Multilingual language System?
A: Japanese and English are available.
    NB: The display languages are depended on the setting of the web browser.

Q: Could you tell me about difference SharePoint basic function and this application function?
A: The function that set access permissions etc is based on a standard function of SharePoint.
    The restore function of access permission inheritance is expanded function of this service. It is supported to recursive restore by the function.

Q: Can I manage file server access permission of windows?
A: Site Permission Designer is a service for SharePoint Access permissions management.

    If you want to manage access permissions for file server, Please use the File Authority Designer.
      »File Authority Designer

– How to Use –

Q: I cannot do anything on access permission changing screen that display “×” or gray-out statement.
A: You cannot change about build in group.
    And also you cannot delete group ownership.

    For more detail, check the manual.
      »Manual Page

Q: When I operate the other function during csv file downloading, this application is no response.
A: In specification, this application is done processing in order, then the access permission management screens work as soon as the downloading of the file is over.

Q: I cannot search an external user when I add user account.
A: You cannot operate the external user in this version.
    We will support it by the future version-up (as of Jan/2016)

Q: I don’t understand different of permission level and permission.
A: It is SharePoint specification, check the product page in the Microsoft website.

– License –

Q: Could you tell me about license unit?
A: This application is needed charge licenses of account number for using.
    For more detail, check the service charge.
      »License Page

Q: We have 100 accounts for SharePoint licenses, but 3 persons will operate Site Permission Designer. Do we need to contract 3 licenses agreement?
A: Yes, you have to contract with 3 licenses.

– Sales and Contract –

Q: Where can I get the Site Permission Designer?
A: You can purchase it from us.
    For more information, please contact us.

Q: What kind of payment method can I choose?
A: We support payment method by bank transfer or PayPal.

Q: Can I have a Quotation and an Invoice?
A: If you need, we will issue the Quotation and the Invoice by e-mail.
    If you want them before order, we can send them to you.
    Please contact us.

Q: Do I need to purchase license again to version-up?
A: The release policy is as follows
    Minor upgrade:free
    Major upgrade:charge

Q: Do you have volume license plan?
A: Please contact us from inquiry form.
      »Inquiry Page

Q: If I want to try the product, do you have trial version for the product?
A: Please contact us from inquiry form.

– Others –

Q: Can I order that customize the product for our company’s request?
A: We accept the consultation about the customization.
    Please contact us from inquiry form.