Handling personal information

  1. Explanation for registered information
    Exceed One Co.,Ltd. Handles information registered for inquiry as below.
  2. 2. Purpose of use of personal information
    We use registered personal information for your inquiry
    Except following case, we do not purvey personal information to third person
    – In case of we have agreement of the said person
    – In case of under the law
  3. Consignment of handling of personal information
    Registered information is only used by our company
  4. Registered information is changed, deleted and suspension of use by request from the said person
    Please contact following “Inquiry”
  5. Purpose of registration of personal information
    In case of incorrect of information, it may be impossible to reply to inquiry
    Registration of personal information is registered for inquiry by your intention
  6. How to get information
    Information registration not to depend on the intention of the person is not done.
    In details, we do not get information by cookies and web beacon
  7. Control of information
    We take implement to control safely for registered information
  8. Inquiry
    Please ask by e-mail. : info@exceedone.co.jp