Group and User Management of Office365    Group user Designer

Group User Designer for Office 365

Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions

– System Requirements –

Q: Could you tell me about system requirements?
A:It is as follows
    Office 365
    – Office365 (Plan include of access function for admin center)
    Web browser
    – Microsoft Internet Explorer 10-11
    – Microsoft Edge
    – Google Chrome
    – Mozilla Firefox
    The others
    – To connect to Microsoft Azure

Q: Do I need Office 365?
A: Yes, you need.
    This application will be used only in Enterprise (E1 or later).
    (As of Jan/2016)

Q: Can I use this application without administrator permissions?
A: If you want to use this application, you have to have administrator permission for set of group and user in office 365.

– Installation –

Q: Could you tell me how to install instruction?
A: First run-time, you need to set up for access to Azure AD from this application.

    Check the manual for more details.
      »Manual Page

Q: Where can I get the Group User Designer from?
A: This product doesn’t have module distribution.

– System Environment –

Q: Could you explain about Group User Designer?
A: Group User Designer is an Office 365 management application that enables the management of Office 365 group and user attributes.
    – Output user(member) information list belonging to a group (6 kinds)
    – Set group member (add and remove)

    Check the explanation page of the function for more details.
      »Function Page

Q: Does it support Active Directory for on-premises version?
A: Only Office 365 is available now.

Q: Can I add new group and new user, and remove the group and user by the application?
A: No, you cannot.
   &nbspOperation is only for an existing group and user.

   &nbspThe future version up is as follows*As of Apr.2016
    – Add and remove of each group
    – Add and remove user
    – Add and remove contacts

Q: Is it supported Multilingual language System?
A:Japanese and English are available.
    NB: The display languages are depended on the setting of the web browser.

Q: Could you tell me about difference office 365 basic function and this application function?
A: The members who can belong to the group are based on a standard function of Office 365.

– How to Use –

Q: When I operate the other function during report file downloading, this application is no response.
A: In specification, this application is done processing in order.
    Other screens work as soon as the downloading of the file is over.

Q: I cannot search an external user when I add user account.
A: You cannot operate the external user.

Q: I don’t understand difference of group kinds.
A: It is office 365 specification, check the product page in the Microsoft website.

– License –

Q: Could you tell me about license unit?
A: This application is needed charge licenses of account number for using.
    For more detail, check the service charge.
      »License Page

Q: We have 100 accounts for office 365 licenses, but 3 persons will operate Group User Designer. Do we need to contract 3 licenses agreement?
A: Yes, you have to contract with 3 licenses.

– Sales and Contract –

Q: Where can I get a Group User Designer?
A: You can purchase it from us.
    For more information, please contact us.

Q: What kind of payment method can I choose?
A: We support payment method by bank transfer or PayPal.

Q: Can I have a Quotation and an Invoice?
A: If you need, we will issue the Quotation and the Invoice by e-mail.
    If you want them before order, we can send them to you.
    Please contact us.

Q: Do I need to purchase license again to version-up?
A: The release policy is as follows
    minor upgrade:free
    major upgrade:charge

Q: Do you have volume license plan?
A: Please contact us from inquiry form.
      »Inquiry Page

Q: If I want to try the product, do you have trial version for the product?
A: We are sorry, we don’t have it.

    We have demo site. For more information, please contact us from inquiry form.

– Others –

Q: Can I order that customize the product for our company’s request?
A: We accept the consultation about the customization.
    Please contact us from inquiry form.