File and Folder Access Authority Management Tool    File Authority Designer

File Authority Designer

Main Functions

1. Display and set access permission to file server folders and files

– Access permission can be checked and set on one screen
– Access permission can be set (added, edit, removed) for folders and files
– In addition to checking standard access permission, can easily check and set special access permission
– Can inherit and replace access permission on the same screen
– Can take ownership of folders and files that cannot be accessed by the administrator

File Authority Designer | Main Screen

[File Authority Designer]01_Add a User Account 01_Add a User Account     [File Authority Designer]02_Change the access permission 02_Change the access permission     [File Authority Designer]03_Remove a User Account 03_Remove a User Account

2. Display in Excel format

– Can export lists of folder and file access permissions to Excel files retaining the hierarchy structure
– Can display lists even if Excel is not installed

File Authority Designer | Folder Tree

[File Authority Designer]05_Access Permission Reports 05_Access Permission Reports


3. Access Permission Reports

3.1. File lists

– Can export lists of files on the file server and local PCs in a tree structure
– Lists of shared folders can be exported in the same way

   [ Information Displayed ]
   – Folder and file names, file extensions, file attributes
   – Creation Date, Last Modified Date, Last Accessed Date
   – folder size, file size, number of files
File Authority Designer | File Tree
File Authority Designer | File Tree

3.2. Access Permission Information

– Can check access permission for file server and local PC
   Can display information such as permission inherit flags, whether permission has been inherited, whether access permission to the parent folder differs, etc.
– Can display access permission, specific permission (purpose, permission, specific permission) and scope of application for each user.
File Authority Designer | Access Permission Information

[File Authority Designer]05_Access Permission Reports 05_Access Permission Reports


Name Symbol Meaning
Inheritance Flags “” Inheritance(Full Match)
  Diff Inheritance and additional settings(Different from parent)
  NInf Not Inherit
Control Type + Allow
Object Rights GA GENERIC ALL
File System Rights F Full Control
  M Modify
  E Read&Execute
  R Read
  W Write
  S Special Permissions
  N None
File System Rights Details ExeFile Traverse Folder / Execute File
  Rdata List Folder / Read Data
  RAttr Read Attributes
  RExAttr Read Extended Attributes
  CrtFile Create File / Write Data
  AData Create Folders / Append Data
  WAttr Write Attributes
  WExAttr Write Extended Attributes
  DelSub Delete Subfolders and Files
  Delete Delete
  RPermi Read Permissions
  ChgPermi Change Permissions
  TakeOwn Take Ownership
Apply onto 0 This folder only
  1 The folder, subfolders and files
  2 This folder and subfolders
  3 This folder and files
  4 Subfolders and files only
  5 Subfolders only
  6 Files only
  “” This object only

4. Lists of Groups and Users

– Can display group and user lists for Active Directory, work groups, and local PCs
File Authority Designer | Lists of Users

– Can export the content displayed in such lists to Excel files
 [ Information Displayed ]
 - Account name, display name, details
 - Active Directory path
 - Group attribute information (security group & account information)
File Authority Designer | Lists of Users

[File Authority Designer]04_Lists of Groups and Users 04_Lists of Groups and Users


5. Run in Batch Mode

– Can generate lists of folder and file access permission information and user list information from the command line
– Can automatically regularly generate lists using Windows’ Task Scheduler
File Authority Designer | Batch Mode

6. Record of Actions (logs)

– User activity is recorded in an event log
– The same details are recorded in a text log
File Authority Designer | Event Log