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File Authority Designer

Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions

– System Requirement –

Q: Could you tell me support OS for File Authority Designer?
A: It is as follows.
    – Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 *without of ReFS
    – Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    NB: Japanese OS version, English OS version are available.

Q:Which .Net framework version do I need when I install File Authority Designer?
A: It is .Net Framework 4.5

Q: Which OS edition do I need for File Authority Designer?
A: We tested operation File Authority Designer on professional edition of Client OS and Standard edition of server OS.

Q: Can I use File Authority Designer on another OS without of windows? For example Linux Samba?
A: It is out of guarantee.

Q: Can I use File Authority Designer on NetAPP?
A: We tested on NetAPP8
    NB: Also we tested operation as follow
      – OS : ONTAP 8.1.4 , Protocol: CIFS connection with Windows

Q: Can I use this application without administrator permissions?
A: Yes, you can.
    File Authority Designer operation is different by user rights.

– Installation –

Q: When I install File Authority Designer, dose it write something in the registry.
A: 1) Event log setting is written in the registry.

    2) Setting information is written in the profile by windows function.
    Example: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\ExceedOneCoLtd\~

Q: Could you tell me how to install instruction?
A: You have to download File Authority Designer module (zip file) and saving your hard disk anywhere.

Q: Where can I get a File Authority Designer?
A: You can download it from following site.
      »Download Page

Q: I changed initial folder of install, I cannot see event log list correctly.
A: You have to re-register of the event log information.
    – You have to run accessory product “REGDEL.CMD” by administrator permission.
    – Start up File Authority Designer.

Q: Can I install File Authority Designer to another PC?
A: Yes, you can. However you have to careful as follows,
    – You have to uninstall File Authority Designer from pre transfer PC.
       If you didn’t, it’s license violation.

– System Environment –

Q: Is it Multilingual language System?
A: Japanese and English are available.

Q: What is the new function include of Version 2?
A: we add and fix some function in Version 2 as follows
    – Log function(Event Log・Text Log)
    – Display function
    – Output of budge function
    – Take Ownership function
    – Improvement of the transaction speed

Q: How much is the load to a PC?
A: We don’t have documentation on performance that service as a reference because customer environment and works is different.
    In such a case, the customer will be asked to offer a test environment, and the customer has to verify the performance by trial kit.
    If you need a trial kit, feel free to contact us.

Q: Can I limit user that File Authority Designer is used?
A: File Authority Designer doesn’t have the user limit function.
    You can limit by windows account.

Q: What can I do for access permission setting?
A: You can do everything on setting “Security” tab of windows explorer.

Q: Is it correspond to Windows 2012/Windows 8-8.1 ReFS?
A: ReFs is not available. (Future project: uncertain)

Q: Can I use it by local account (local account user, local account group)?
A: It’s possible.

Q: Can I use in enviroment doesn’t join to the domain?
A: You can set to local group user account.

Q: You said EXCEL is unnecessary, can I edit output list for another application?
A: It has output list function that implement by Excel compatibility.
    So if you want edit output list, please edit it by EXCEL.

Q: Do I must be connected to the Internet for activation to complete?
A: It doesn’t have the function by latest version.
    (There is the possibility that specifications are changed in the future.)

Q: Does the File Authority Designer transfer some information to outside?
A: It doesn’t have the function by latest version.
    (There is the possibility that specifications are changed in the future.)

Q: If I have to transfer to the other fileserver, can I transfer same access rights from old fileserver to new fileserver?
A: The File Authority Designer doesn’t have the function that transfer access permission data.
    [For reference] Past instance for same questions
      1. Old server:Output access permission list by the File Authority Designer, then you save it.
      2. Old server:You save a list of ACL by icacles command.
      3. New server:You restore the ACL list.
      4. New server:You save the output access permission list by the File Authority Designer.
      5. You have to compare each list from old sever and new server.
      NB: If you want to know how to run icacls command, please contact to Microsoft.

Q: Dose the File Authority Designer has a function of cloud storage for One Drive, etc?
A: No, it hasn’t.
    The File Authority Designer is application to manage the access permissions of the NTFS.

– Permission Tab –

Q: I cannot set access authority on the File Authority Designer.
A: Access permission setting is the professional edition’s function.
    If you want to buy a professional edition on the File Authority Designer, please make inquiries using the inquiry form.

    – If you have the Professional edition File Authority Designer, checked out as follow,
       – Did you install already .NetFramework4.5 that the File Authority Designer works necessary?
       – Did you have done to install current Windows Update?
       – Did you have the access rights for the folder and the file? Did you have ownership for them?

Q: How does the File Authority Designer judge “success” or “not success” in “permissions inheritance flag” ?
A: The success condition is as bellow,
    1. [DIFF(inheritance and extra configuration (different from access rights for the parent folder))]
       “Replace all child object permission entries with inferitable permission entries from this object” check box is on.
       No inheritance ACE (access control entry) check box is on , one or more.

    2. [Blank(inheritance(perfect matching))]
       “Replace all child object permission entries with inferitable permission entries from this object” check box is ON.
       No inheritance ACE (access control entry) check box isn’t ON.

    3. [NIF(no inheritance)]
       “Replace all child object permission entries with inferitable permission entries from this object” check box is OFF.

Q: Users and group information can be displayed from Sid-history’s SID?
A: The File Authority Designer isn’t specification that you cannot get active directory information by SID-History’s SID using.
    So, user and group which store SID-History can be display by SID.
    When access permission report is output, it is displayed in the access permission report output as follows,

    “Error= Search failed
     CaD_DirectoryFindOneEx.GetNTAccountProperty_(Cache Or Realtime)”

Q: On the screen right side, the check box where I “inherit a parent folder authority” can’t be operated.
A: If you cannot operate check box “Allow inheritable permission from parent to propagate to this object” on Advanced of the windows explore menu, you don’t have administrator rights for operate of File Authority Designer, and windows log-in.
    If you want to operate the File Authority Designer, you should change the user account which has changing permission or administrator permissions.

Q: When I set access permission for Group on folders, can I see each user’s access permission level in the group?
A: A user account info indication screen is displayed when you click the Group which wants to refer to a member, and a belonging member is displayed.
    If you click a user, you can see the Group which the user belong to.

Q: Is it support format other than NTFS format?
A: We support NTFS format only.
    NB: ReFS which was introduced with Windows Server 2012 is not supported.

Q: Can I set access permission for the file server under many domains?
A: You cannot set access permission for the file server under the other domain.
    You have to set up the other computer for File Authority Designer execution.
    NB: In this case, you have to have the license for each computer which File Authority Designer installs.

Q: Can I use it between the domains in the relationship of mutual trust?
A: You can operate only the information of the account (group) of a participating domain even if you conclude a relationship of mutual trust.
    So if domain A and domain B have relationship of mutual trust, you cannot operate from the terminal which participated in domain A to domain B.

Q: Can it memorize the shared folder which I set?
A: The shared folder which I accessed is displayed it under [my network] on the next time.

Q: I take ownership a file and folder, I got message that I cannot access the file and folder.
A: If you take ownership, you can get access permission automatically.
    If you take ownership a file and folder, “Add row” buttons becomes effective, you can set access permission your necessary.

Q: I cannot see anything “display name”.
A: When you don’t set display name for the account, the display name becomes the blank.

Q: Can you tell me about access permission I can set?
A: Please refer to the information about access control of Microsoft.

– Output Tab –

Q: Can I output access permission list by a user unit not a folder file unit?
A: The access permission situation by the user unit is displayed in “the cross axle” of the output result.
    NB: We cannot support the access permission by the user unit with plural servers.

Q: Can I output a report for folder information only?
A: It is possible.
    When you exclude the check of “outpu”,” Whole”, and “Output File”, then output it, the information of the file is not output, and it becomes the output only for information of the folders.

Q: How many account information can I get into the report?
A: You can output information up to 2,000 cases.

Q: Can I output both “security group” and “user account” by a report output function?
A: Output both of them。
    NB: this is professional edition’s function.

Q: How many folder and file can I get into the report?
A: You can output it to 1 million cases in a folder and the file.
    NB: when its work reached 1 million cases, it work like canceled processing.

– Indication Screen for account information –

Q: Can I set add or change user account by “UserList”?
A: You cannot set add ,change, and remove user account.
    You have to do user and group management by the Active Directory management tool.

– Log –

Q: Can I see plural IP addresses, Mac address in event log?
A: In the case of a PC having plural NIC, all of IP address, and Mac address are displayed.

Q: What kind of information records it in the event log?
A: The following operation that I operated in File Authority Designers is recorded.
    – Change operation of access permission Add, change, remove access permission, etc.
    – Search of a user and the group
    – Output report
    Check the manual for more details.

Q: I use windows Japanese edition, however event log is recorded by English.
A: Event log is recorded by language setting.
    When you use the language setting of the File Authority Designer as “English”, event log is recorded by “English”.

– The batch Output –

Q: Is there not the batching capability?
A: You can output a list of access permission and users from a command-line on version 2.
    The batching capability of “change access permission” does not support. (As of May/2015)

Q: When I perform the batch output, I cannot carry it out, and the following messages are output.
Message: you need execute the batch mode from ‘FADCmd.exe’.

A: You should execute the batch output from ‘FADCmd.exe’.

Q: The batch output, is there not the timer output function?
A: The File Authority Designer doesn’t have the timer start function.
    If you want, you make batch file, then carry out task of Windows.

– License –

Q: What is the device of the license unit?
A: The device is the environmental unit for File Authority Designer working.
    The virtual environment (virtual machine, remote desktop) becomes 1 device, too.

    Please refer to the following
      »About the License

Q: I bought 1 license.
I installed in 2 PC’s, do I not have any problem if I do not use it at the same time?

A: It is the license violation.
    For a device to install, a license is necessary.
    In this case, you need two licenses necessary.

Q: I installed it to 1 PC.
Is it all right if 2 persons access to the PC as a remote desktop, then they use it at same time?

A: It is the license violation.
    We count the remote desktop with 1 device, so you need license for the remote desktop.

Q: When I classify a check into authority information at output list, it is display “This is the only function of the Professional Edition.Output Authority Information restrict to「10」lines. “
A: The File Authority Designer is a message that a function is limited for a free edition (free version).
    It is professional edition (charge-version)’s function.

    Please refer to the following
      »License Page

Q: Can I transfer and resale my license for File Authority Designer?
A: No, you cannot.
    Please refer to the license agreement.

– Sales and Contract –

Q: How can I purchase the File Authority Designer?
A: The File Authority Designer is sales only for downloading.
    You can purchase it from inquiry form.
      »Inquiry Page

Q: What kind of payment method can I choose?
A: We support payment method by bank transfer or PayPal.
    NB: We don’t accept credit card payment currently.

Q: Can I have a Quotation and an Invoice?
A: If you need, we will issue the Quotation and the Invoice by e-mail.
    If you want them before order, we can send them to you.
    please contact us.

Q: Do I need to purchase license again to version-up?
A: The release policy is as follows.
    Minor upgrade:Free
    Major upgrade:Charge

Q: Do you have volume license plan?
A: Yes, we have volume license plan.
    For more information, please contact us.

Q: If I want to try the product, do you have trial version for the product?
A: Yes, we have.
    We publish serial key for trial version that you can use all of the function. Please contact us from inquiry form.

– Support –

Q: Could you tell me how to contact you about functions and operating procedure for File Authority Designer?
A: We disclose the information for functions and operating procedure at our website and manuals.

Q: How many cases do you have case of introduction?
A: We have experienced as follow(as of May/2015)
    Paid-version: more 150 companies(A listed company, government offices, a financial institution, etc) more than 1,000 licenses.
    Free-version: more than 50,000 products (Accumulation downloading number)

    Please refer to the following
      »The track record of introduction in Japan

Q: Did the product make some problem cause of the product?
A: File Authority Designer don’t have a problem like system clash, file damage, and file loss, etc.
    NB: The number of inquiry from End-users:0 case

– Others –

Q: Can I order that customize the product for our company’s request?
A: We accept the consultation about the customization.
    Please contact us from inquiry form.