Office365 backup application    Exceed One Backup for SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Exceed One Backup for SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions

– System Requirements –

Q: Could you tell me support OS for Exceed One Backup?
A: It is as follows.
    – Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 *without of ReFS
    – Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    NB: Japanese OS version, English OS version are available.

Q: Which .Net framework version do I need when I install Exceed One Backup?
A: It is .Net Framework 4.5.

Q: Which OS edition do I need for Exceed One Backup?
A: We tested operation Exceed One Backup on professional edition of Client OS and Standard edition of server OS.

Q:Can I use this application without administrator permissions?
A: Terms of use are as follows,
    Installation:SharePoint administrator permissions required.
    Backup:SharePoint administrator permissions not required.

    Check the manual for more details.
      »Manual Page

Q: I have contracted the plan that does not have the SharePoint admin center, but can I use it?
A: You can use it since version 1.6.0.
    but you have the following limitations.
    – The contents of the message that “There is not SharePoint admin center” is displayed.
    – You can back up only the default site that has been created by the SharePoint.

    Example ) if the domain name is “mydomain”

– Installation –

Q: When I install Exceed One Backup, dose it write something in the registry?
A: It does not write anything on the registry.

Q: Could you tell me how to install instruction?
A: You have to download Exceed One Backup module (zip file) and saving your hard disk anywhere.
    Register the application to SharePoint and Azure AD.

    Check the manual for more details.
      »Manual Page

Q: Where can I get the Exceed One Backup from?
A: You can download it from the following site.
      »Download Page

Q: Can I install Exceed One Backup to another PC?
A: Yes, you can. However you have to careful as follows,
    – You have to uninstall Exceed One Backup from pre transfer PC.
      If you didn’t, it’s license violation.
    – You have to confirm whether a shift PC system requirements of the Exceed One Backup.

– Functions –

Q: Could you explain about Exceed One Backup?
A: Exceed One Backup is an application that you can back up the data from the SharePoint Online to local storage ( such as a PC of HDD).

    It supports backup of OneDrive for Business from version 1.6.0.

Q: Can I restore a site?
A: It cannot restore a SharePoint site at once.
    Please restore the backup data, file by file to the target site.

Q: Can I back up the data that is on the OneDrive?
A: Yes, you can do it since version 1.6.0
    You can back up OneDrive with the following requirements.
    – You have an Office 365 account
    – There is a personal site and one can access to it

Q: Can I back up the data that is on the Office365 Group?
A: Yes, you can do it since version 1.7.0.

Q: What are the differences between each edition?
A: [Professional plus edition]
    – You can use all functions

    [Professional Edition]
    – You can use all functions
    NB: You can not select OneDrive for Business and Office365 Group as a backup target.

    [Free edition]
    You have the following limitations
    – You can select only one site as backup
    – You have a limited size for backup
    – You can only overwrite in backup mode
    – It is out of any support.

Q: Is it supported Multilingual language System?
A: Japanese and English are available.

Q: How does it save the LIST data?
A: It saves the data as a XML format.

Q: Does it support Share Point for on-premises version?
A: Only SharePoint of Office 365 edition is available now.

Q: How much is the load to a CPU, Memory and Network?
A: That depends according to the network and the capacity of the machine where you are running the software.

    Reference :Results from when we tested it in our company.
      Memory:Approximately 20MB
      Network: Sending:~100kbps、Receive:200k~1Mbps
      Speed:Approximately 2GB/hour

Q: I cannnot back up the some folders and files on the SharePoint.
A: There is the possibility that something that is limited is happening.
    there is the prohibition characters in SharePoint.
    You cannot back up files that includes this kind of characters.
    You need to change the name of that file.

    These are the characters you can not use. (for the microsoft’s site)    »Japanese    »English

Q: I cannot back up, because an error happen.
A: I will tell you the most common problems.
    Network errors (the remote server send an error, you cannot read the data transferred from the connection, etc)
    – For some reason This happens when the connection is cut, please try again later.

    The name that you put your file or the path are too long.
    – To save a file, the total of characters you can use as a file name and for the path are 260 characters.
    – This is a limitation that gives Windows OS.
    Please put a shorter name to the SharePoint’s folder or file.

    From Ver1.7.1, Added option to be able to save more than 260 characters of the path.

Q: I can not be performed backup with the following errors. I had been able to back up until yesterday.
    * Error Message *
    Loading Site…
    Token request failed.

A: Client secret may have expired.
    There is an expiration date on the client secret, it will expire in the normal one year.
    Please set again according to the manual.

Q: How does it define the backup option “file differential backup”?
A: Exceed One Backup compares the differnce of the”update datetime”.
    If the update dates are different, the files will be overwritten.

Q: It is different the file’s timestamp backup at local space with the file that is on SharePoint.
A: There is the possibility that the time configured on the computer that you are using to backup and the time of the SharePoint are different.

    When saving a file to the local storage,
    the timestamp are configured on UTC time of the SharePoint files.

    It means that depend the time zone configured, the timestamp shown will be different.

    NB: Please check with your system administrator.

– How to use –

Q: Can I backup various SharePoint that has different domains?
A: You can not backup SharePoint more than one at the same time.

    Please back up a domain per domain.

Q: However I sign in SharePoint, an error message appears and I cannot list up the SharePoint site.
A: To use Exceed One Backup, you need to do the following configurations ( installation )
    – Set the permissions for the EOB on SharePoint.
    – Set the permission information to EOB.
    – Application registered in Azure AD.
    Please see the manual for more information.

    Error message) Token request failed.

Q: Only one site can be selected for backup.
A: At the free edition the functions are limited.
    If you want to backup more than one site, you should to use the professional edition.

Q: Can you tell me about “Include Hidden Object”?
A: This is a data that has been marked as “hidden attributes” in SharePoint settings .
    This is a SharePoint product specification, so it cannot be changed by the user.

Q: When I back up the SharePoint data, what happens with the access permissions that I set up on the SharePoint site?
A: Access permissions information is not backed up at Exceed One Backup.

Q: Can I put OneDrive as a backup storage location?
A: No, you cannot.
    You can set as a backup path only a local drive or network drive.

Q: However I pushed the cancel button, the backup does not stop.
A: If the file is on process of backup you can not stop until the backup has finished.
    After the process has finished, it will be canceled.

Q: In the process of the backup, a message saying “the instance of the object is not configured” appears and the process be stop.
A: There is a possibility that the network connection had disconnected during the backup.
    In that case, will appear a message saying “The network path could not be found”.
    Make sure that the PC you are running is able to connect to the network.

Q: Can I run it various Exceed One Backup at the same time?
A: No, you cannot.

Q: Can I use in enviroment doesn’t join to the domain?
A: Yes, you can use it.

Q: Can it access to the network of outside?
A: This is an application that backup the data of office 365.
    So you need a network environment where you can connect with Office 365.

– License –

Q: What is the device of the license unit?
A: The device is the environmental unit for Exceed One Backup working.
    The virtual environment (virtual machine, remote desktop) becomes 1 device, too.

    Please refer to the following
      »About the License

Q: I bought 1 license.
I installed in 2 PC’s, do I not have any problem if I do not use it at the same time?

A: It is the license violation.
    For a device to install, a license is necessary.
    In this case, you need two licenses necessary.

Q: I installed it to 1 PC.
Is it all right if 2 persons access to the PC as a remote desktop, then they use it at same time?

A: It is the license violation.
    We count the remote desktop with 1 device, so you need license for the remote desktop.

Q: Can I transfer and resale my license for Exceed One Backup?
A: No, you cannot.
    Please refer to the license agreement.

– How to buy –

Q: How can I purchase the Exceed One Backup?
A: The Exceed One Backup is sales only for downloading.
    You can purchase it from inquiry form.
      »Inquiry Page

Q: What kind of payment method can I choose?
A: We support payment method by bank transfer or PayPal.

Q: Can I have a Quotation and an Invoice?
A: If you need, we will issue the Quotation and the Invoice by e-mail.
    If you want them before order, we can send them to you.
    Please contact us.

Q: Do I need to purchase license again to version-up?
A: The release policy is as follows.
    Minor upgrade:Free
    Major upgrade:Charge

Q: Do you have volume license plan?
A: Yes, we have volume license plan.
    For more information, please contact us.

Q: If I want to try the product, do you have trial version for the product?
A: Yes, we have.
    We publish serial key for trial version that you can use all of the function. Please contact us from inquiry form.

– Support –

Q: Could you tell me how to contact you about functions and operating procedure for Exceed One Backup?
A: We disclose the information for functions and operating procedure at our website and manuals.

– Others –

Q: Can I order that customize the product for our company’s request?
A: We accept the consultation about the customization.
    Please contact us from inquiry form.