Office365 backup application    Exceed One Backup for SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Exceed One Backup for SharePoint Online and OneDrive

“Simple and low-price” backup application for SharePoint Online user.

Product Information

Exceed One Backup for SharePoint Online and OneDrive
Tool that backs up data stored in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business file-by-file to local storage.
Tool that enables flexible SharePoint data backup such as backing up SharePoint content to a file server, storing data externally, and backing up OneDrive content.

  – Save information on documents (files) and databases (lists) on sites
  – Create and save folders in backup locations in the same way as the site structure
  – Save database content as XML files
  – Can run from client’s PC
  – Can back up in batches

*Language : Japanese

Convenient on these case

If you would like to…
①Back up automatically the SharePoint Online data on a regular.
     You can back up a site of data automatically on a regular.(Using the Windows ”Task Scheduler”)
     List data is saved in XML-format.
     It will back up automatically all the sites that exist. You can either reduce the load of backup operation.

②Back up files other than the document library.
     You can save all data on designated site. Also, you can back up attachments in bulk.

③Back up the OneDrive.Exceed One Backup for SharePoint and OneDrive
     You can back up files that employees were stored in OneDrive.

④Back up the specified site.
     You can back up by selecting the site.

⑤Restore only certain files.
     It does not back up in a special archive format.
     For this reason you is easy to restore the file you want to restore.

⑥Organize files in the SharePoint site.
     Local path to save is created with the same structure as the site-URL.
     Therefore, it is easy to understand the location where the file is stored.

⑦Using reasonable backup, because using reasonable “Office 365″.
     Exceed One Backup specialized functionality to the backup.
     For this reason it became a simple and low-cost application.

System Requirements


– SharePoint Online (Office 365) *Requires Office365-plan that SharePoint admin center can use.

Operating System

– Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2
– Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2
– Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

.Net Framework

– .Net Framework 4.5